Exercise Resources

Exercises for the Spine – Resources

Disclaimer: These resources are no substitute for individualized exercise instruction provided by a skilled health professional. These are provided for reference only.

Body Mechanics: Tips to keep your spine healthy doing everyday tasks
Loading the Dishwasher
Putting something in the Oven – Baking/Cooking
Snow Shoveling
Sitting on a Perch – make any chair comfortable with this method
Hip hinge or Table Bend – Picking Up Something From the Floor – (see the NPR story about this)

Low Back Pain:
Prone Press-up exercise
Treat Your Own Back – Robin McKenzie 
Basic lumbar stabilization:
Basic Lumbar stabilization – heel slides and bird-dog 
Dynamic Abdominal Bracing – helpful if you have pain when going from sitting to standing. Good for spondylolisthesis (slippage of bone alignment)
Physiopedia – Some basic lumbopelvic and lumbar stability mechanics and exercises.
The Back Pain Book – Mike Hage – Pictures for Body Mechanics – Good moves/Bad moves
Stuart McGill’s The Back Mechanic
McGill Big 3 – Curl Up, Side Plank, Bird-Dog 
Power Squat at home with a simple belt

Neutral Spine Stability – Foundations Training – Eric Goodman
standing chair pose
supine isometric

Basic Pilates Program – mat program. This can be considered only after isometric stabilization has been mastered.

Neck pain:
Chin Tuck Starter – good starting exercise if starting neck pain rehabilitation
Chin Tuck – progression
Bruegger’s exercise – good for people who work at desk/computer 
Locust Pose / “Fly like Peter Pan”- notice that her neck is more aligned with the thoracic spine, rather than extended
Treat Your Own Neck – Robin McKenzie
Neck Pain Bad Moves/Ergonomics – Texting/Computer/Belly Sleeping
Sleeping postures – Andrew Cole, MD

Grow Young Fitness – for people new to exercise or older adults. Remember to go slow if you are just starting up. The “Foundation Workouts” uses some chair exercises. Scroll down to find it.
Grow Young Fitness also has “Balance Workouts” on this same page if you scroll down. Remember to have something steady to hold on to to prevent you from falling.