Spine Health in the Pandemic

Are there any positives from this pandemic? The toll on our society is far reaching, it is hard to there is any positives to come from such a dark time; lives lost, struggling families, the list goes on and on.
Offering one bright spot here in this video. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Learn tips for maintaining healthy spine, muscle, bones, and tendons during COVID-19 Emergency

TeleMedicine or TeleHealth is a way for patients to connect with their spine & sports medicine specialist from the convenience of their own home.  Your doctor can do thorough functional assessment of how your body is moving and functioning through video chat.  Just like going to the doctor in real life, you can get expert advice on your muscle / bone / ligament / spine condition. You can get medications prescribed, radiographic test ordered, and an exercise prescription! You can get advice on whether you are doing the right exercises and if your doing your exercises with proper form.

Fitness During the COVID-19 Corona-Virus Pandemic Emergency: Workouts Outside during times of Social Distancing

Be flexible: plan your walk/run/jog/bike workout at times of the day that are less crowded. We all would like to be outside at the nicest temperature/time of the day but realize that everyone will be out there at the same time! When you see a misty drizzle rain or colder temperatures, take this as an opportune time to be out there for your workout when others may not be brave enough to weather the unpleasant climates.

Be creative: Come up with new routes and paths that other people may not have thought of.

Know what 6 feet is: Guess what? 6 feet is wider than a typical sidewalk so you are going to have to step aside. 6 feet is the width of a car or a park bench (see the 6 foot tape measure in these pictures). 

Be patient: When you see someone else approaching, stop. Step aside. More than 6 feet. Breathe. Wait, Wait. Wait. Give a thumbs up hello. Allow them to pass. Breathe. Resume your workout.

Be courteous: Aren’t you always? Now is the time to practice extra special kindness to your fellow woman/man/child.  Step aside for families with small children or people that may look like they may have even a mild physical disability or balance issue.

Be respectful: Step aside, keep your distance, and let them pass.

Turn down the volume:  You won’t be able to keep your distance from other people if you don’t know if someone is passing you. If you can’t hear them coming, you can’t keep your distance.

Wash your hands.

Keeping fit is good for your physical and emotional health.  Please stay fit and practice social distancing!  Be safe and healthy.