TeleMedicine / TeleHealth

TeleMedicine or TeleHealth is a way for patients to connect with their spine & sports medicine specialist from the convenience of their own home.  Your doctor can do thorough functional assessment of how your body is moving and functioning through video chat.  Just like going to the doctor in real life, you can get expert advice on your muscle / bone / ligament / spine condition. You can get medications prescribed, radiographic test ordered, and an exercise prescription! You can get advice on whether you are doing the right exercises and if your doing your exercises with proper form.

Examples of problems and diagnoses evaluated:

  • low back pain
  • neck pain
  • shoulder pain
  • hip pain
  • knee pain
  • disc herniation
  • spinal stenosis
  • rotator cuff problems
  • hip and knee arthritis
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TeleMedicine VideoChat

Are there any positives from this pandemic? The toll on our society is far reaching, it is hard to there is any positives to come from such a dark time; lives lost, struggling families, the list goes on and on.
Offering one bright spot here in this video. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Why TeleMedicine?
There are sometimes barriers to in person appointments with the doctor. From issues of traffic, parking, accessibility, time of day of the appointment are just the beginning.  Did I mention traffic and parking? Often these experiences make the appointment challenging and inconvenient.  It turns out that many things that we need to assess for the health of muscle, bones, and nerves can be evaluated by observation of how the body is moving.
Disclaimer: There are often things that we can only assess in person.  If that needs to happen, we will make that happen either in person appointment or another person doing the required things in person.

Ground Rules:
Ensure you have about 6 feet of space around you and are able to position yourself on the floor / bed / couch, on a chair, and away from the camera so we can see your whole body.
I will evaluate you and recommend diagnostics and treatments based on my assessment.
Our sessions are not being recorded and personal health information is protected.
Our team would provide follow up care in person if/when medically necessary.
**You will need: an email address, cell phone, iPad, OR laptop computer with a camera**
Someone from our office will call to schedule a date and time for your video appointment.  You will receive an email invitation for the appointment.

What to expect:
For a low back examination, this is script that we will follow for the physical examination.  If you have troubles hearing, this may be helpful for you to review before the appointment so you know what to expect.
Click here for the low back physical examination instructions.
Click here for video demonstration of the Low Back Pain evaluation body motions / maneuvers.
Click here for video demonstration of the Neck Pain evaluation body motions / maneuvers.

Dr. Plastaras demonstrates the Physical Exam in this video
Dr. Plastaras demonstrates the Low Back Pain Physical Exam in this video

Dr. Plastaras demonstrates the Neck Pain Physical Exam in this video

Making the most of your visit:
Downloading and completing the intake form ahead of time will allow us to focus more time on your problem. To complete forms ahead of time, click here for New Patient / Initial Evaluation Appointment or click here for Follow Up Form.

Getting started with your Televisit:
Call (215) 663-6856 to schedule an appointment or click here to schedule appointment online.
Zoom on iPhone: Click here for instructions on getting Zoom for Healthcare set up on your iPhone.

Install Zoom on your iPhone
Dr. Plastaras walks you through how to install Zoom on your iPhone in this video.

Zoom on Android phones: Click here for instructions on getting Zoom for Healthcare set up on your Android phone (first 2:30 minutes)

It does not matter your age, you can videochat with your doctor. Listen to this news story featuring Dr. Plastaras on KYW News Radio:
Dr. Plastaras talks about Telehealth for seniors

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